Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking a Stand

Alright, so here's the deal. I've had a hella lot happen to me in the past year. Now, don't think that's an excuse, it's not, it's an explanation.
I've started this blog for one reason, and one reason only- I'm fighting back. No more of this shit. The purpose is to find what makes me happy, find a hobby... and inspiration. I need something to really look forward to and to have a desire to pursue. I thought I had found it, but we all sometimes believe in the wrong thing. I'm going to cut back on my hours at work, and every month I'm going to try a new hobby. Here I'll record how I feel about it with anecdotes regarding that, and perhaps rant a little about what is happening in my life.

To give you a bit of an insight as to why I'm doing this, and why I'm doing it now- I was recently prescribed anti-depressants. Normally that isn't a big deal, except... I'm seventeen for God's sake. I'm young, I have so much to live for and no legitimate reason to back down and start swallowing pills. So with the help of... well, me, I'm going to get up and find happiness again.

When I told a friend of mine about the anti-depressants, he reminded me that I'm better than this. I wish it hadn't come all the way to this, but I'm glad I can still realize when I have enough power in me to change my life. Whether I'm 17, 34 or 68.

This is my life, and I'm taking a stand.


  1. I'm with your friend who tells you that you can do this without the pills. Definitely. Also, no swear jar. I encourage swearing when it's due.